Join our Apprentice Rector, Andrew Lazo, Sunday and Monday evenings for a year-long, chapter-by-chapter look at the works of C.S. Lewis. Rev. Andrew will also provide other CSL @ COTM opportunities, such as movie viewings with discussion, theater performance “field trips,” and more!

Sunday Diving Deeper: Mere Christianity

Sundays at 5pm-6pm in the Library and streamed to YouTube (see buttons on this page)

An interactive class going through Lewis’s classic explanation of the Christian faith one chapter at a time with discussion, Scriptural background, and life application. Also makes use of the excellent resources from some of the top scholars who contributed to Discussing Mere Christianity.  It is highly recommended that attendees bring their own copy of the book (any version); some copies will be available for purchase ($13). Copies of Discussing Mere Christianity may be found on Amazon by clicking here.

Looking for MORE C.S. Lewis?

Rev. Andrew has currated some excellent (and FUN!) resources to help you dig into C.S. Lewis even further! See the links at the bottom of the page!

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