We have been part of the Children of the Messiah Preschool for 3 years and we have been so pleased with our experience. There are many little anecdotes I could share but I think my children’s excitement to attend school says enough. Every Tuesday and Thursday our two kiddos (4 and 2) wake up, early,  ready to go to school. The excitement they have for these 2 days a week couldn’t make us a happier and when they return home they always have great experiences to share, especially from our 4 year old. Over the past 3 years we have attended many family events at the school and our children have learned how to be good class mates. From writing, to sharing with others, listening to instructions, to praying and singing about Jesus. We could not be more blessed to be part of such a great family and we are forever grateful. Grateful for the teachers are children have had/will have, the friends they have made, and the parents we have met along the way.  LISA FIELD