The vision of the Digital Media Ministry is to provide amazing experiences with Church of the Messiah through media by using volunteers of all skill levels to make a huge impact on the people we reach!

There is no minimum (or maximum!) level of skill required! Vita Mazzaluna, the Media Minister, can help find the right fit for you! Click here to contact her! 

Sunday Service Opportunities:

Sundays during the 9:30am, 11 am, & 7pm Services

Our biggest need right now is for folks who are willing to serve as substitutes for our regular slideshow presentation volunteers.

  • The current volunteers for most of these services enjoy their work and like being at the computer each week. BUT, everyone likes to take a vacation once in a while or has a last minute emergency.
  • That’s why our team needs YOU!

If you already attend service most Sundays, consider meeting with me for the 10 minute training OR to receive the printed illustrated instructions.

Training complete.

Then, if we ever need a sub, whether planned ahead or last minute, we can check in with you!

Media Missionaries:

Our Social Media Support Team!

What is a Media Missionary??

Did you know that Facebook and YouTube only suggest videos and posts to people if those items seem “hot”?

Simply put, if our posts are “liked” and “shared” by many people, we are getting recommended!

This could be the difference between a COTM post “Changing the world with Jesus…one person at time” or NOT! How can you help?

All you have to do is hit those “like” and “share” buttons on our Facebook (FB) or YouTube posts and videos!! That. Is. All! Not sure how to do that? See the videos on this page!

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