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God in Bite-Sized Bits
Tom Rutherford
Why do we Episcopalians have a color coded calendar? (Hint: It's not because green goes well with our eyes)

Christ The King
Richard Gonzalez
When you are before the throne of Christ, will he ask you to sit on his right side? Have you helped the least of these?

Tom Rutherford
As Episcopalians, we get our own language! As far as the scriptures are concerned, do you REMLID often enough?

Are You Prepared?
Julie Altenbach
Sometimes we are surprised by something we are totally unprepared for, that's the way life goes. Are you prepared for Jesus' return?

ALL Saints
Tom Rutherford
You probably know that All Saints Day is a day we honor all of the saints, but did you know that we are ALL Saints?

Two Answers and a Question
Richard Gonzalez
When asked what the greatest commandment was Jesus gave two answers and then asked a question that surprised everyone.

Risk Management
Tom Rutherford
The world is a dangerous place! Always has been, always will be. Did you know the bible helps us practice risk management?

The Recipe for Peace
Tom Rutherford
Everyone knows it's important to follow the recipe when making pancakes. Did you know that the bible gives us a recipe for peace?

5 + 5 = 10
Tom Rutherford
The 10 Commandments aren't something to roll your eyes at! Instead, we should learn how to apply them to our lives. Remember 5 + 5 = 10!

Attitude Check
Tom Rutherford
God gave up a lot to come down to Earth as Jesus, but while he was here he was happy to be a servant. Maybe it's time for an attitude check.

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