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The Lord Is My Shepherd
Tom Rutherford
Father Tom discusses what it meant to King David when he wrote Psalm 23. The love a shepherd has for their flock is deep and the sheep trust the shepherd.

Born Again
Richard Gonzalez
Father Richard shares the story of Nicodemus and discusses how someone can be born again. Jesus said the only way into heaven is to be born again.

What’s Lent?
Tom Rutherford
Father Tom tells the story of his first Ash Wednesday and how we, as Anglicans, have adopted church practices from Catholic and Protestant traditions.

The Greatest Commandment
Tom Rutherford
Father Tom discusses the greatest commandment and the difference between the human perspective and God's perspective of morality.

Jesus Jack-o-lantern
Tom Rutherford
Father Tom shares how Jesus can turn us from a slowly rotting pumpkin into a Jesus Jack-o-lantern, but the catch is we have to say yes first.

Refiner’s Fire
Tim Wetherington
Deacon Tim discusses why bad things happen to good people, and what it means when the bible talks about the refiner's fire.

Jesus is the Way
Soner Alexander
Father Soner shares how he has seen the Holy Spirit at work and how Jesus is the way to salvation. Often, we experience the Holy Spirit without our knowing.

Why we Baptize
Tom Rutherford
Father Tom tells us why we baptize people and goes through the baptismal covenant. What does baptism mean? When did it start? Is it magic?

What’s Up With Being Happy?
Tom Rutherford
Father Tom talks about happiness and how we get there. There's so many trying to be happy that it makes us want to ask "What's up with being happy?"

The Importance of First Impressions
Julie Altenbach
Deacon Julie discusses the importance of first impressions and how her experiences with a church congregation shaped her opinion of the church.

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