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Tom Rutherford
Some people's reaction to Jesus' parable of the landowner is "NO FAIR!" Maybe we should ask ourselves what is work? Who does it benefit?

Acceptance Without Exception
Tom Rutherford
Christians are called to mirror God's love, but what does that really mean? Do you practice acceptance without exception?

Relationships in the Kingdom
Richard Gonzalez
On the 14th Sunday after Pentecost Father Richard discusses relationships. What are the steps to take when a relationship sours?

As Far as It Depends on You
Tom Rutherford
Loving God is easy, but loving our neighbors isn't always so. Christians are called to love as far is it depends on you.

Who do you say Jesus is?
Julie Altenbach
Who do you say Jesus is? How do you respond when someone asks, "How can a good God let bad things happen?"

Where’s the Good?
Tom Rutherford
With everything going on it's easy to feel like there's no silver lining, but God calls us to ask "Where's the Good?"

Stepping Out
Richard Gonzalez
Stepping out on faith can be hard to do sometimes, but Jesus calls to us to step out on faith just like he did to Peter.

Wrestling with God
Tom Rutherford
Have you ever wrestled with God? Most people have at some point whether they knew it or not. If we follow Jacob's example we can win!

We are IN!
Tom Rutherford
Father Tom has some good news, more good news, and even more good news! We are already part of the Lord's family. We are IN!

Good Seed
Richard Gonzalez
If God is good then why do bad things happen? Father Richard takes time to explain what Jesus has to say about this and the parable of the good seed.

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